1. Japanese Nurse (English Blog)

Japanese Nurse (English Blog)

We are providing Nursing service in Japan, or between Japan and other country.
Therefor whom needs a care from nurse.

For example, if your family have a home oxygen therapy, diaper, and abnormal blood pressure, and you have to take her/him with you to Japan, we are happy to help you.

We as a nurse in Japan can・・・
1. Changing the diaper
2. Support eating without choking
3. Support doctor with medicines
4. Helping bed bath
5. Supporting enteral nutrition
6. Check the vital signs 
7. Administration of intravenous fluids  Etc.

So, if you need a private support from nurse, please call us or email us and tell us how you need a support.
We are always looking forward to supporting you.

<Japanese Nurse Company>
Aroma Nursing Care Co., Ltd.
CALL: +81-45-517-9500
E-mail: info@aromakango.com
Website: www.aromakango.com (only Japanese at the moment)

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