1. About Us

About Us

 A Nurse for Every Single Patient


 With modern healthcare becoming more requiring, nurses, who eventually perform more roles, have not been able to provide sufficient services to each of the patients.

We provide a man-to-man nursing which meets the patient’s requirement instead of those frantic environments of modern healthcare.



Also, we dispatch nurses to hospitals and nursing homes.

Hours waiting for your nurse to arrive after the nurse-call you made will be unnecessary.

24-hour attend service is also available for patients receiving treatment under home care.

Massages are available for patients wishing to cure the slowdown of their lymphatic system.

With its natural effects and fragrance of the aroma, and a warm massage done by human hands, our nurses provide safe aroma treatment which embrace your heart.

What good does an aroma do for our body?

Herbs have constituents which effects the human body.

Condensing the effective constituents of these plants create an aroma oil.

While the natural powers effect you from the skin, its fragrance works directly to your brain.

Also, the warmth given by hands of our nurses provide the best cure and comfort for your wounded body and heart.

Secure aroma treatment (massages) provided by professional nurses

By professional nurses providing aroma treatment (massages), we can minimize the risks of the treatment by detecting abnormalities from health histories and vital signs (blood pressure, pulses, body temperatures and arterial blood oxygen saturations) instantaneously.

Not only aroma treatments, but also we are able to consult patient’s chronic health problems, along with patient’s difficulties and anxieties regarding the disease they combat against.

A Service Emerged from the Nursing Environment

Our business originates from the founder’s experience as a nurse on her earlier days, where she has discovered that extremely large number of patients are requiring massages.

At the hospital ward, a single nurse takes care of eight to twenty patients.

Eventually, there would be no enough time to provide massages to every one of the patients, while nurses must prioritize on human life.


By adopting aroma treatments to a man-to-man nursing, we wish to have our patients on good health physically and mentally.

Comfort and peaceful life till the end,

is our philosophy


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e-mail : info@aromakango.com

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From USA : 011-81-45-517-9500

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