1. Nursing Service

Nursing Service

High-class Nursing

Not enough time to receive sufficient nursing from a normal visiting cares coved by insurance
Visiting nurses are in a hurry to travel around different patient while I wish to speak to them more
Want to receive aroma treatments on a regular basis to reward myself
Have a family member that requires nursing at nighttime where families cannot take care
Wish to have massages for any length of time instead of just receiving minimal nursing

While receiving necessary nursing and cares, “High-class Nursing” provides aroma treatments as well.
You can entrust us securely observing and nursing your family members who require assistance during your absence.・・・

Aromatic Nursing

For preventing dementia
Suffering insomnia from anxiety
Need help from nurses
The room is filled with bad odor

Are you not really necessary for aroma treatments, but require visiting cares?
We accommodate the voices of the patients and their families requiring help for nursing.

I have heard that aromas work well for dementia, but what is an aroma?


How about changing the odor from your normal cares to a fragrant aroma?
We provide visiting nursing/cares using aromas to dispel those smells.


Attend Nursing

Need a nurse to attend while going outside
Anxious because the nurse in the previous hospital cannot attend me on my next hospital
Require a nurse to attend during the flight while we go abroad with a family member who needs care

Nurses with proficient service manners will attend your trip.
English-speaking nurses can be also dispatched to ensure your safe vacations and business trips abroad.


Consulting Regarding Nursing

Consulting Regarding Nursing: flow of the service
STEP 01 Consult by call or by e-mail
Please feel free to inquire by calling (+81-045-517-9500) or by e-mail (info@aromakango.com).
Any consultations are available regarding nursing and cares.

e-mail : info@aromakango.com

(+81) 045-517-9500

From USA : 011-81-45-517-9500

From Germany : 0081-45-517-9500

(Calls available through 9 AM to 5 PM. Monday to Friday)

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