1. Service Flow of the Private Aroma Nursing Care

Service Flow of the Private Aroma Nursing Care

·     ・  Not enough time to receive sufficient nursing from a normal visiting cares coved by insurance

·       ・  Visiting nurses are in a hurry to travel around different patient while I wish to speak to them more

·        ・ Want to receive aroma treatments on a regular basis to reward myself

          ・  Have a family member that requires nursing at 

    nighttime where families cannot take care

         ・ Wish to have massages for any length of time   instead of just receiving minimal nursing

Service Flow of the Private Aroma Nursing Care


Reservations can be taken by calling (+81-045-517-9500) or by our web site.


We will pre-visit our patients to check their conditions as needed.

For customers/patients requiring uninsured visiting care service, we will explain our contents in conformity with our disclosure statement. Services are provided after your confirmation.

(Service day) Providing nursing service on your request

One-day Nursing

24-hour Nursing

Nursing plus Aroma Massage

Attend Nursing while going outside or traveling

Please refer to the Nursing Care section (below) for more details.


Ending and reporting service

When the client cannot attend on the day of service (for the reason of living in a distant location etc.), we are able to report the patient’s condition by such as taking a photo of the patient with a message to the client attached. 

Please consult us if any reporting is required.

Private Aroma Nursing Care Fee

Reservation Only


Basic Fee (transportation fee and tax included)

Extended Service Fee

Your Home, Hospital and Nursing Homes

32,400 yen / limited to three hours

5,400 yen every hour

*Transportation fee are free over: all Tokyo 23 wards, all area of Yokohama city and Kawasaki city of Kanagawa pref.

Nursing Cares Included in Basic Fee

  •       Free 30 min aroma treatment
  •      Vital check (body temperature, blood pressure etc.)
  •      Laundries and cooking(simple foods e.g. porridges; ingredients are charged)
  •      Errand service
  •      Attend to a walk   
  •      Meal support (tube feeding)
  •      Transportation support

  •            Toilet support
  •            Face-washing support
  •            Position changing on bed
  •            Blanket bath support (a full support requires an extra fee)
  •            Bathing support (by watching)
  •            Attend to a hospital visit
  •            Oral medication control

      Discounts available for applications over six hours/day.

      Every 10 minutes of extension will charge for an additional 1,080 yen. (2,160 yen for aroma treatments)

      We perform about 10 minutes of hand/feet bath (included in the service time) in sync of the patient/client’s request and ADL (Activity of Daily Living) before the aroma treatment.

      Body parts being treated by aroma treatments are: arms to hands and legs to feet.

      All materials including aroma oils, feet bath buckets, thermometers, manometers, vital sign indicator, and nail-care items (nail files etc.) will be prepared by us.

      Gloves and masks will be used depending on the situation if any of the symptoms including an athlete’s foot, scabies and cold etc. were seen on the patients.

      We may decline your extension request depending on the reservation schedule.

e-mail : info@aromakango.com

(+81) 045-517-9500

From USA : 011-81-45-517-9500

From Germany : 0081-45-517-9500

(Calls available through 9 AM to 5 PM. Monday to Friday)

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