1. FAQ


Is aroma nursing care applicable from a distant location?

Yes, we are honored to be on your service.

The transportation fee will be required for areas excluding: all Tokyo 23 wards, Yokohama city and Kawasaki city of Kanagawa pref.


For details, please contact us >> here

How should we pay the fee?

We accept transfers beforehand or by cash on the day of service.

We will accept payments on cash or by billing after service if extended service was required and implemented.


Can we appoint a nurse who fits us well?

An official member of Aroma Nursing Care can appoint a designated staff.

Of the customers who have received our service at least once and have passed our screening can all be the “Member of the Aroma Nursing Care”.

We issue an ID and a password to all members where they can view profiles of all nurses enrolled.

Please ask our nurses on the day of service to obtain information about the requirements to be a member.

*For customers willing to be one of our members, please read the Terms of Service/Privacy Policies (in Japanese) before applying.

Please accept all terms and contents before receiving our service.


Can we receive aroma nursing care at our home?

We provide visiting care.

The transportation fee will be free for all Tokyo 23 wards and for Yokohama city and Kawasaki city of Kanagawa pref.

Can we receive care for our patients in the care/nursing facility I manage?

Yes, we can also provide service to facilities.

Please contact us for more information >>Contact here

Is there anything I should be ready for to receive service?

Yes, when providing an aroma treatment, you will need:

      Two face towels

We ask you to be ready with two face towels for partial operations, however, the number of towels required and its size differs depending on where to provide treatment.

Contents may vary depending on the nursing service we provide. Please feel free to consult us when planning to receive our visiting care.


e-mail : info@aromakango.com

(+81) 045-517-9500

From USA : 011-81-45-517-9500

From Germany : 0081-45-517-9500

(Calls available through 9 AM to 5 PM. Monday to Friday)

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